Horticulture Industry Is Speeding Up In Middle East

- Sep 18, 2020-

Middle East is almost covered by desert and tropical desert climate brings hot and harsh air throughout the year and with high humidity and temperature during Summer time. Middle East contains more than 20 countries but it’s difficult to grow vegetables in the open filed all year round for most of these countries. And they need import many vegetables from Europe and other Asian countries. Greenhouse plays a very important role for vegetable production in Middle East now.


Kingpeng has exported greenhouse to Qatar since 2001 and we also exported to Saudi Arab, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman in recent years. Most of them are simple tunnel and simple plastic greenhouse at the beginning. But it has more and more multi-span film and PC sheet greenhouses equipped with cooling, shading, ventilation. The design can meet the requirements for the local special climate. The biggest challenge is to solve the high humidity and temperature during summer time. We’re doing semi-close greenhouse in Saudi Arab now to solve this problem. It’s using special sea-salt to absorb the humidity in the air and bring dry air into the greenhouse. The temperature can be down through the air circulation. 

vegetable lettuce1

The income is mainly from energy for Middle East countries. But the government has realized that the natural resource has limit and it’ll be exhausted in future. While the vegetable and other food is necessary for people’s everyday life, so local government started to focus on the agriculture industry investment in recent years. 


Saudi Arab government has proposed “Vision 2030” plan which contains huge horticulture projects for food and vegetable production. High-level glass greenhouse projects have been established and some institutes and universities also invest much more to do study for horticulture.


Besides Saudi Arab, UAE and Oman, other Middle East countries also started their horticulture plan in recent years. We can see horticulture industry is speeding up now and Kingpeng will continue to supply our support for clients.

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