Fulfill 370000 M2 Greenhouse Foundation Within 20 Days Under Cold Air

- Dec 08, 2020-

A number of cities in northern China have welcomed their first snowfall of 2020, one after another, covered with ice and snow. Temperature in most northern cities have dropped significantly.

 wrok -site

Affected by the cold air, the project is experiencing an extremely cold mode, the lowest temperature record is constantly refreshed, and it has recently broken through the -15℃ mark. Good news has also come: a new intelligent greenhouse in Inner Mongolia Modern Agricultural Park has completed the 370,000m2 foundation within 20 days. The greenhouse top and surrounding will covered with glass, and greenhouse internal with heating system, as well as automatic control system and advanced energy-saving irrigation system.

snow picture

More than 10 construction machinery and 30 workers were put into the project site and also equipped with enough healthy goods to ensure the safety of the project and workers under extreme conditions; Including the on-site heating equipment support and storage of living materials, etc., so that the project can proceed step by step. “After 20 days hard work under the cold air condition, it turns out that we did it! This is Kingpeng’s promise “ said the Construction Manager Mr. Zhi from Kingpeng.

construction greenhouse

After the project is finished, it will become an important vegetable supply base in the North China, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on promoting the optimization of the agricultural industrial structure and promoting high-quality economic development.