How To Fight The Harsh Cold Climate By Kingpeng Greenhouse In Mongolia

- Sep 01, 2020-

Ullanbatar locates in middle of Mongolia which has more or less 1.5 millions people. The high land continental climate brings long winter with harsh cold climate here. The lowest temperature can reach -40℃ during winter time .And it needs heating from October to April normally. It’s very difficult to grow vegetables inside the greenhouse during winter time. Kingpeng has done greenhouses for Mongolian farmers since 2005. The solar winter greenhouse make it possible to eat fresh local vegetables in Mongolia during winter time. The glass greenhouses bring new modern soilless growing technology for agriculture company and big farmers.

glass house1

The solar greenhouse mainly storages the heating by the soil and brick wall at day time and the heating energy will release at night. This typical greenhouse is originally from China and used in north and middle of China during winter time. But for Mongolian harsh climate, this kind of solar greenhouse needs thicker thermal blanket and deeper foundation to prevent the cold air into the greenhouse. And it needs extra equipment or materials to storage more heating from the sunshine at day time.

glass greenhouse 2

Kingpeng also built glass greenhouse in Mongolia, The biggest advantage is to fight the low temperature during winter time. First way is to make full use of thermal curtain to keep the heating inside the greenhouse. Second way is to use better insulation materials saving energy cost. Kingpeng will choose other insulation covers for north side wall which also can save some heating energy. The glass greenhouse still needs boiler heating systems even it’s so many ways to keep warm in Mongolia. 

glass greenhouse 3

Most of vegetables are imported from China in Mongolia since now. But it’ll lose freshness after a long way transportation. So the government has paid more attention on the greenhouse investment there and guarantee the vegetable production. Kingpeng has been involving the innovation and horticulture development in Mongolia. There’ll be more and more fresh vegetables coming from Kingpeng greenhouses in future.

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