How To Keep Your Greenhouse Warm In Winter(Cold Weather)

- Dec 18, 2017-

For greenhouse in cold weather, it is very important to keep the greenhouse warm. In order to supply enough heating for plants and improve its growing environment growers need to do the followings (for reference):

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(1)     Avoiding Air Leakage

Carefully to check the plastic film, once leak founded, should be immediately repair it. And film placed on the ground should be fixed with soil, thus can avoid cold air entering the greenhouse.

(2)     Covering the greenhouse with grass pad

Covered with straw curtain which stitched by maize, wheat and other crop straw on the film, when there is sunlight, please expose straw curtain in time, and by the temperature plummeted covered plastic film on the curtain, because the straw is a poor conductor of heat and can reduce temperature loss in greenhouse, avoiding temperature reduction

(3)     Building house inside the greenhouse

As the cold resistance of vegetables or seedlings in greenhouse is poor, by bad weather, a plastic shed around the seedlings or weak seedlings could be constructed, so that seedlings in the greenhouse has double-layer protection to prevent seedlings, weak seedlings from freezing.

(4)     Irrigation

Before the arriving of the cold weather, the soil and air temperature in greenhouse can be improved by irrigation. This is because the heat capacity of water is larger, even if the cold erosion and the temperature plummeted, the water inside the greenhouse needs to absorb large heat, so the temperature in the greenhouse will not drop too much, and can guarantee the normal growth of vegetable.

(5)     Greenhouse radiating pipe

In the winter the greenhouse heating tube or sheet is a very efficiency way to keep warm. It has many advantages such as heating quickly, high efficiency and low cost. Traditional heater blows or smoked fire may cause damage to crops, and the greenhouses radiating pipe uses air heat exchanger to keep the temperature, air humidity, which can promote the growth of crops.


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