How To Make Rural Complex For Your Agricultural Farming

- Aug 11, 2020-

Regardless of the scale of the project and the theme positioning of the modern leisure agriculture park, it must start from the tourist experience itself, start from the following elements, and implement the product design and tourist perception in all dimensions, so that the leisure agriculture develops in the direction of depth and breadth , Enrich the content of leisure agricultural products, and provide consumers with high-taste, multi-level and all-round leisure experience.



Vision is the most important feeling of people. Therefore, sightseeing and experiencing agricultural beauty must be the basic elements of leisure agriculture. Such as various creative landscapes in the agricultural carnival.


Picking-paradise, as a new type of leisure time for people that has rapidly emerged in recent years, is favored by consumers for its participation, interest, and entertainment. It has become a major feature of modern leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

 flower house

Agricultural Science-Leisure provides an excellent place for young people to get close to agriculture and understand agricultural technology. In reality, in addition to farming museums, farming labor experience, parent-child vegetable gardens and other forms, exploring more colorful experience methods can create a leisure agricultural garden with distinctive characteristics.

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