How To Make The Greenhouse Foundation

- Aug 14, 2020-

Foundation construction is the first step and laying foundation  is a key proecss for building your greenhouse.

Let's learn how to make foundation:

  • Line-out:

before the foundation groove excavation, according to the width of the foundation groove and the size of the upper outlet slope in the foundation detail drawing, measure the size of the excavation boundary line from the center pile to both sides and make a mark. Then a fine line is drawn between the marks at both ends of the foundation groove, along which the side lines of the foundation groove are sprinkled with white lime on the ground.

line out   2-2

                           Foundation groove excavation either manual or mechanical grooving is acceptable

Checking groove: After the foundation trench excavation is completed and the base is leveled, the trench inspection shall be carried out. Check whether the soil quality meets the requirements when the excavation reaches the design depth and whether it reaches the bearing layer. If it does not meet the requirements, corresponding measures should be taken to deal with it.


  • Laying cushion:

according to the concrete label and the depth of bedding designed in the detail drawing of civil foundation, the bedding design of greenhouse is generally 10CM thick, and the general concrete label is above C15. It varies according to the specific soil and terrain.

It is necessary to measure and check the bedding to ensure the error is within the allowable range, and then carry out maintenance to reach the strength.


                                                           Support formwork, reinforcement

  • Concrete and Anchor 


                         Pouring Concrete (note concrete protective layer 2CM)

  •   Laying anchor

When laying the ground anchor while pouring the concrete, the ground anchor shall be measured at the same time so that the ground anchor can be controlled within the allowable error. The specific requirements are as follows:

(1)The allowable horizontal error of the center point on the upper surface is ±3mm.

(2)The allowable elevation error of the upper surface is -3mm.

(3)The allowable error of the inclination of the upper surface is 3°;

(4)The allowable deviation in the horizontal direction of the center point on the upper surface of the upper ground anchor in the total greenhouse length: ±8mm.


  • Basic Curing:

    After the foundation and ground anchor construction is completed, maintenance should be carried out. After reaching the strength, the formwork can be removed for column installation.



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