How To Use Led Lighting For Horticulture Industry

- Mar 30, 2021-

Red/Blue led lighting is always called “Narrow Scope Light Spectrum” because the wavelength emitted from them stays in a short narrow scope. But the LED lighting which can bring “White Light” is always called “Wide Spectrum” or “Full Spectrum” because they contain the whole wide waveband’s light spectrum.


How to calculate the lights’ efficiency? You just need to use photosynthesis PPF divide the input (W). The energy efficiency is in “umol/J”. The light will transform more PAR from electric energy if the data is bigger. Many growers always use “purple and pink” Led lighting together because photosynthesis efficiency can reach the highest data by using red and blue wavelength. This kind of lighting group not only boost the plant’s growth but also it can save energy as much as possible .So many Led light suppliers always produce the light as fixing Red/Blue  raito which is recognized as the best proposal for the horticulture growth.

led lighting

Many indoor farm growers prefer to “White Led” rather than “Red/Blue Led” even the “White Led” light’s energy efficiency is lower than “Red/Blue”. The fact is “White Led” can bring kinds of wavelength during the different growing period for the plants. 


So Red/Blue Led lights can be used as single lighting source but it will do harm for worker’s heath and working environment. Many specialists still strong appealed to use full-spectrum Led lighting now. Generally speaking, Led lights should supply the best lighting quality for plant’s growth and production. It can create the best working environment for human being and more space for crop varieties and growing period at the same time.


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