In Sunlight Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

Slope insulation at night before being overwritten, Eastern, Western and Northern retaining wall on three sides of plastic greenhouse in the slope, collectively known as the greenhouse. Its prototype is found glass greenhouse, front sloping translucent plastic film for covering material instead of glass: evolution for early greenhouse. Greenhouse is characterized by good insulation and low investment, energy savings, very suitable for use in China's underdeveloped rural.

The performance of solar greenhouse

Light transmittance of energy-saving sunlight greenhouse in 60%~80% above, indoor and outdoor air temperature difference can be maintained at more than 21~25℃.

1. greenhouse lighting

Solar radiation is on the one hand to maintain greenhouse temperature or keep the heat balance of the most important energy source, on the solar radiation is the only source of crop photosynthesis.

2. greenhouse insulation

Greenhouse insulation insulation envelope insulation and activity is composed of two parts. Front slope insulation of flexible material should be used to ease up after sunrise, sunset down.

Before the new roof insulation materials research and development focused primarily on the ease of mechanization, low cost, light weight, aging resistant, waterproof and other indicators of demand.

Greenhouse consists of retaining wall, roof and front roof is composed of three parts, referred to in sunlight greenhouse of "three elements", the first all daylighting roof greenhouse, roof covering of plastic film and lighting before lighting during the day-time, when an outdoor light wanes, activities, insulating cover of plastic film used in a timely manner to enhance greenhouse insulation.