Intelligent Control Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Sep 30, 2017-

Greenhouse intelligent monitoring system consists of master computer, acquisition controller, network adapter, sensor, outdoor weather station, video capture equipment and so on. A master computer can connect multiple acquisition controllers, and the acquisition controller connects various sensors and control devices to form a separate acquisition control unit. Each acquisition control unit is connected to the network in a bus-like structure and communicates with the host computer in a separate form. The system can be remotely controlled by wired and Internet.Intelligent Greenhouse

The main control computer can directly carry out real-time data acquisition and display, historical data curve display and table display, image acquisition and real-time processing, intelligent control parameter settings and other functions. The acquisition controller can collect, display, store and transfer the greenhouse environment data to the master computer in real time, and can automatically control the temperature and humidity environment according to the set parameters. System performance data display real-time: real-time display of the various parameters collected to provide data daily trend of two display modes; data storage using dual storage mode: the next bit directly to store data, the host computer to export storage data, Loss of power loss in PC memory mode.Intelligent Greenhouse

Large data statistical analysis function: real-time data can be collected using artificial intelligence analysis to generate real-time trends and other statistical information needed by users; system of strong versatility: the user can choose according to the needs of greenhouse environmental monitoring parameters, set up suitable for on-site needs The real-time video surveillance module: real-time multi-angle video surveillance of the greenhouse, the timely grasp of greenhouse crop pests and diseases, is conducive to remote decision-making. ; System maintenance easy to upgrade: to provide a common debugging interface, easy for engineers to maintain and upgrade the system.Intelligent Greenhouse