Intelligent Greenhouse- New Direction For Modern Agriculture

- Mar 06, 2020-

In 2013, the first intelligent greenhouse designed by Kingpeng was put into use in Tongzhou District, Beijing China. The 3000 m2 greenhouse is the first greenhouse with independent intellectual property rights, but it is still in the initial stage in China.

Recent years, greenhouses in China has widely borrowed from Dutch technology, and its construction scale is also moving towards large-scale. For example, Shuifa Rural Complex Project designed by Kingpeng with a total investment of 1 billion CNY, it is a modern agricultural park integrating production and processing of organic fruits and vegetables, leisure picking, science education and rural experience.

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Now in China more and more greenhouse projects have achieved certain results in the areas of intelligent environmental control, automation equipment technology, sensor technology, soilless cultivation technology and Internet of Things technology.

Modern agriculture is moving to scale, specialization, intensification, and automation. The project carried out a series of technological innovation and high-tech integration during the design and construction, and gradually narrowed the gap with facility agriculture in developed countries. From the perspective of production models, intelligent greenhouse needs to create the best environment for plant growth, and innovate the best production model of "environmental facilities, three-dimensional forms, energy conservation, digitalization of processes, intelligent management, and technical integration" and develop.


Utilize new energy, materials and equipment to achieve the purpose of improving plant yield, quality and efficiency. In the development process of intelligent greenhouse, scale, automation, intelligence, precision, and standardized management are the inevitable trend of future agricultural development. Networking technology is used in the construction intelligent greenhouses, which are the development trend of the future greenhouse industry.

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