Intelligent Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

Also known as automated intelligent greenhouse greenhouse is equipped with computer-controlled movable roof, shading systems, thermal insulation systems, heating systems, wet-curtain cooling/fan system, drip irrigation, spray systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile automation facilities such as beds, agricultural greenhouse environment based on high-tech "smart" greenhouse. Intelligent greenhouse control by signal acquisition system, computer and control system has three major components.

Greenhouse Automation control system is based on the greenhouse temperature and humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature and other sensors to collect information, sensor information to the RS485 bus 485-232 converters on the host computer to show that the alarm, the query. Monitoring Center will receive the sample data displayed in table format and stored, and then compared with the set alarm value, if the measured value is out of range, use the screen display alarm or alarm, and print records. Meanwhile, the monitoring Center may issue instructions to field controller, monitors under the command-and-control fans, water pumps and other equipment for cooling and dehumidifying operation, to ensure the growth of crops in the greenhouse environment. Monitoring Center can also alert to launch the site monitor sound and light alarm devices, informed greenhouse managers take appropriate measures to ensure that in the greenhouse environment.