Intelligent Greenhouse Control System

- Aug 18, 2017-

            Greenhouse Intelligent Control system is a scientific method to manage, to improve the yield, quality for the purpose of efficient agricultural development technology. Greenhouse Intelligent control system is mainly through the Ad module collection data, computer intelligence analysis and IO module to carry out the specific operation action, to create a season-independent suitable for crop growth environment, the realization of high crop yield, the production of anti-season.

            Aiming at the intelligent control of greenhouse in agricultural greenhouses, this system is designed as an automatic control system of greenhouse greenhouses with the idea of configuration. The system takes the PC as the upper computer and the input and output module of the AD Acquisition module/io as the Acquisition control unit, which can control the temperature, humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, ph value and EC value in the greenhouse.Intelligent Greenhouse

            system function: Login interface: Input corresponding account number and user name into the system, respectively, the operation of the system management. Main interface: Display the distribution map of the greenhouse, while the main parameters are centrally monitored. Simulation: the distribution of the simulation site, showing the specific value. For example, the current weather, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentrations and other parameters and the status of some equipment. Trend analysis: Show the real-time temperature, humidity curve or historical temperature, humidity curve. Historical data: Query the historical temperature, humidity and other values of the greenhouse and the corresponding equipment status history. Parameter setting: Setting the upper and lower limit values of the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, in order to facilitate the relative value, the following execution module controls the action according to the data collected by the system.Intelligent Greenhouse

            With the popularization of the intelligent shed, the technology of related application is becoming more and more mature, and the application of configuration in automatic agriculture will be more and more extensive.Intelligent Greenhouse