Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring System Based On PLC

- Aug 06, 2017-

            As the largest agricultural country in the world, agricultural production plays an important role in our national economy. People's demand for green agricultural products is increasing with the improvement of living standard, so our country's agriculture has become an inevitable trend from extensive to intensive and fine-grained development, and the facility agriculture has been paid more and more attention as an important way. Crop growth is mainly influenced by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, illumination intensity and CO2 concentration, and the purpose of constructing intelligent greenhouse is to control these environmental parameters.Intelligent Greenhouse

            Based on the analysis of greenhouse control objects and the characteristics of greenhouse environment, the structure and control scheme of the control system are determined, and a distributed intelligent greenhouse monitoring system based on PLC as the slave computer and PC machine with Kingview software is designed. The hardware mainly includes plc and its special function module, various sensor circuits, power supply and execution parts, software is mainly Kingview software and Mitsubishi PLC programming software GX Developer. Control system has two kinds of control methods, manual control and Autocontrol. Under the automatic control mode, the PLC collects the environment parameters through the sensor, and compares the upper limit of the environment parameter with the user, controls the corresponding execution parts to start and stops, adjusts the greenhouse environment parameter. In the manual control mode, according to the needs of the user to control the master unit State of the manual screen of the analog switch, the control of the PLC issued a switch command control of the corresponding actuator, the greenhouse environment to adjust. The configuration software of PC is communicated with PLC, and the function of Man-machine interaction is completed.Intelligent Greenhouse

            Through Kingview real-time display the current value of the environment parameter collected by the lower machine, the execution part status, the fault alarming and so on, simultaneously may carry on the trend curve view, the report operation, the database operation and so on. In addition, the user set environment parameters, manual automatic control switch, manually controlled mode control analog switch in the configuration of the king. Through the system test experiment, the Intelligent Greenhouse Monitor system achieves the anticipated design goal basically, but still needs to continue to consummate can use in the actual greenhouse.Intelligent Greenhouse