Intelligent Monitoring System For Greenhouse

- Jul 22, 2017-

              System configuration, Function settings: Set data acquisition time period, collection interval, control system execution conditions and other parameters such as data storage, display and printing operations: the data collected in real-time display, can be expressed in charts and print and other operations; automatic control of irrigation and fertilization system: it consists of irrigation equipment and automatic fertilizing device, which controls the opening of the flow valve. Automatic control of heating system: it is composed of heating heating equipment, which controls the temperature in greenhouse by controlling the opening degree of heating valve.Intelligent Greenhouse

              Automatic control of cooling system: it is composed of wet curtain paper pad, axial fan and water supply system, which is achieved by controlling the switch of flow and blower; automatic control of ventilation system: composed of automatic shutter ventilation system and axial flow ventilation system, the control aim is achieved by controlling the switch of the rolling shutter motor and the axial fan; automatic control of carbon dioxide concentration: Controlling by controlling the safe combustion of potassium carbonate; automatic control of the inner and outer shading system: by the transmission part and the sunshade curtain, The purpose of the control is achieved by the start and stop of the drive; automatic control of daylighting system: The purpose of adjusting the intensity of light by controlling the supply voltage of the supplementary light by means of the Agricultural special Light Tool Software analysis: Integrated fuzzy control function to achieve the comprehensive analysis of the relevant objectives.Intelligent Greenhouse

              It reduces the intensity of the greenhouse, improves the utilization ratio of the equipment, improves the greenhouse climate, reduces the pests and diseases, and increases the crop yield. Powerful extended functionality: by selecting different peripherals, we can control the greenhouse environment and irrigation, fertilization and so on; perfect data processing function: Through the greenhouse intelligent measurement and control system, can record all kinds of sensor information and various control equipment action record, etc. remote monitoring function: Even if the staff is not on the scene, It can also monitor and control the equipment parameters in the greenhouse through the remote monitoring system. Data networking function: It can be connected with the configuration software, and the data can be shared in the LAN or Internet.Intelligent Greenhouse