Intelligent Plant Factory In Guizhou Under Operation

- Mar 13, 2018-

Plant Factory Put into Use

The plant factory developed and designed by Kingpeng in Guizhou Province now is coming into operation. This plant factory will product leaf vegetable like lettuce and equipped with PVC cultivation channel, LED lights, and fertilizer control system through PC to control the temperature, humidity and CO2 to create a best environment for the plant.



The working unit equipped with PLC control display, and can accurately control and display the environmental parameters, irrigation and fertilization, configure the nutrient solution disinfection cycle and detection system. And in the control room using distributed control, in order to achieve the communication and control of the upper position computer to the lower position. At the same time, the camera video monitoring system is configured in each unit of the entire plant factory to realize the remote all-round monitoring through internet.


It is worth mentioning that this plant factory is also a successful application for "The Key Technologies and System Integration of High-efficiency and Low-energy LED Consumption Plant Factory" which participated by Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Kingpeng and has won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2017.    

In recently years, the plant factory develops rapidly all over the world, especially in developed countries and regions. Plant factory, as a direction of future agriculture will create good social and economic benefits.

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