Introduction Of The Working State Of Cooling System

- Sep 21, 2017-

     The cooling water in the radiator is pressurized by the water pump to the cylinder body and the cylinder head water jacket, and the cooling water flows back to the radiator after absorbing the large amount of heat of the body. Because of the strong suction of the fan, air flow from the front to back high-speed through the radiator. Cooling System

     Therefore, the heated cooling water flows through the radiator core, heat is constantly distributed to the atmosphere, the cooling water to the bottom of the radiator, and pumped out again, pressure to the engine of the water jacket, so continuous cycle, the heat is constantly sent to the atmosphere, so that the engine is constantly cooling.Cooling System

     The coolant cannot be emptied completely unless it is removed from the pump. Park the car on the horizontal surface. After the engine cools, remove the lid of the coolant recovery tank through the following procedure. Slowly rotate the cap to the stop in the counterclockwise direction. Do not press when the radiator with the pressure limiting valve is rotated with the water cover. Wait for emptying residual pressure (hissing). When the hiss stops, continue to rotate the heatsink lid counterclockwise and open it. Place the emission plate under the vehicle and collect all the discharged coolant.Cooling System

    Loosen the radiator exit hose clamp on the left side of the heatsink and remove the radiator outlet hose. Loosen the hose from the coolant recycling tank to the manifold inlet and remove the recycle tank and hose. Important NOTE: When partial emptying system, just remove the radiator outlet hose and recovery tank hose is enough. Cooling System

     Proper handling of used coolant means that no old coolant can be poured into the sewer. Glycol antifreeze is a very toxic chemical, it is illegal to drain it into the sewer system or groundwater, and it destroys the ecological environment. Let the coolant drain slowly from the system.Cooling System