It’s Greenhouse, It’s Farm, It’s Restaurant!

- Jul 31, 2020-

Leisure farm business is one of the high benefit agriculture businesses. People come to experience natural environment, enjoy leisure life and organic food. The environment and food quality directly affects the definition of the farm in people's mind.

Different of styles of farms are growing fast recent years in China, most of the farms are country-side environment and meals. There is less fine detail - conscious of the atmosphere and food. However, in some countries, leisure farms are mixed with characteristic style and food which already become success and even can be a model of leisure farm business.

1 The Greenhouse Restaurant in Netherland

Restaurant De Kas located in country side of Amsterdam which is definitely a greenhouse restaurant. De Kas in Dutch means greenhouse, healthy green plants and a garden full of warm sunshine. So that guests can enjoy the nature and the sun, stretch mind and enjoy the fresh and delicious food. This is also the restaurant founder Gert Jan Hageman most wants to give the meaning of this restaurant. This greenhouse was built in 1927 which used to grow plant used for city landscaping. It haven’t been used until Gert bought the greenhouse in 2001, it was rebuilt by Piet Boom and making it the most popular greenhouse restaurant in country side of Amsterdam.



2 The Greenhouse Restaurant in America

The Commissary Restaurant in Los Angeles was founded by Roy Choi. This is a large size greenhouse restaurant with 1,700 sq. Ft. With clear glass cover on roof that allows you to enjoy a warm in the afternoon.

Inside the restaurant, roof is filled with plants such as ivy, ferns and primroses. "We change plants every month” says Knibb.

Designer Knibb said, "My idea is to capture the feeling of the greenhouse. There is no so-called theme." So here you can feel the hybrid retro-inspired and organic materials, and also can capture the industrial age Traces, such as fans, exposed pipes.

Talking about the greenhouse restaurant food, the fresh vegetables can be a star on the menu. All fresh raw materials are come from the Southern California farm. Here you can also eat the trick meal, such as superb seafood and steak cooked by chef Diego Echavarria.


3 The Greenhouse Restaurant in Israel

 Segev Kitchen Garden is a new restaurant located near Hod-Hasharon in Tel Aviv. It allows consumers to see the growth of vegetables during the meal and even fresh pick to eat the vegetables. Then it is how can Segev Kitchen Garden make it? The answer only show up when you go there on your own.


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