Kingpeng Construct Greenhouse in the South China Sea on the Coral Reefs

- Nov 09, 2016-

                                        Kingpeng is good at making "Learning"into "Doing"

Kingpeng construct greenhouse in the South China Sea on the coral reefs. Based on this understanding the SouthMiddle and North Islands guarding the great motherland of the South China Sea, Kingpeng International Hi-tech Corporation actively undertake the task of building more than 20,000 of ecological vegetable greenhouse for the military and civilian people of the three Islands in South China Sea. This project distributed in different 4 islands consisted of coral reefs and without freshwater, and the complex landforms make agricultural construction seems "impossible".


But Kingpeng built a research group consisting by our main staffs and technology leaders and research for the meteorological climate, environmental conditions, the basic data verification and geological survey report analysis. Continuous fight for more than a month to determine the key technology research direction: anti-typhoon, anti-corrosion, anti-storm, anti-strong light, energy saving and cooling. Finally, we overcome these challenges.


                                                        our research team

Our technical team division these tasks according to our member’s advantages, greenhouse structure and wind barrier design was completed by the most experienced greenhouse structural designer, other tasks including auxiliary room design, foundation construction, water supply and drainage, irrigation, spray design, automatic systems and other designing.

The team cooperate actively with the first time to solve the problem, so that the progress of ecological vegetable construction has accelerated significantly.


The construction of this project is considered as not only the breakthroughs in the modern agricultural greenhouse technology and engineering, but also represent Kingpeng’s social responsibilities: Serve and construct the Motherland.