A New Departure Of Kingpeng’s Construction In March!

- Mar 10, 2020-

From March, Kingpeng’s construction sites around the world have been fully started resumption of work.

Shandong Juxian Zhaoxian Qufang modern Agriculture Industrial Park -- intelligent multi-span glass greenhouse project, constructed by Kingpeng has stared construction!


On the project site, Kingpeng accurately arranges construction tasks and flexibly adjusts on-job time. The construction personnel installed the skylight transmission system, welded the heating bracket, carried out the leveling of the indoor site, and fully guaranteed the task node.


At the same time, the construction of the Dubai Project in the United Arab Emirates has been started also. The construction supervisor of Kingpeng has been in place and provides guidance for our client.

Kingpeng also actively organized the technical reserve force, carries out the work with the help of information means!

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