Kingpeng Corporation And Ridder Group From Holland Reached A Strategic Cooperation

- Mar 09, 2017-

Kingpeng and Ridder Group Reached a Strategic Cooperation

On Mar. 6th 2017, RIDDER (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (RIDDER) which belongs to RIDDER Group from Netherlands has visited R&D center and Demonstration Base of Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-tech Corporation (KINGPENG) in Tongzhou District Beijing. As the long-term co operation between RIDDER and KINGPENG, both parties signed the strategic cooperation agreement for further cooperation and development.

The vice president---Joep van den Bosch, General Manager of China Branch --- Fu Junhao, Marketing Director ---Zheng Kai, who are from RIDDER Group together with and General Manager--- Guo Bin, Manager of Enterprise Development Department---Fang Xiangwen, Manager of Horticulture Division ---Zhao Xuedong from KINGPENG, were participated in the signing ceremony.

Delegates RIDDER have visited the intelligent IOT greenhouse, aluminum gutter greenhouse and the container plant factory in KINGPENG’s demonstration base. During the visit, Mr. Joep van den Bosch talked with KINPENG’s delegates about horticultural engineering and strategic development department about the facilities of modern greenhouses and planting techniques of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Delegates also discussed about the developing direction of facility agriculture. After tasting the newly picked strawberries and cucumbers from Kingpeng Greenhouse, all delegates evaluated highly the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables.    

After visiting, the two parties had further communication about cooperation in the future. Both RIDDER and KINGPENG had shown the cooperative purpose on project and product developing, container plant factory and

Chinese urban agriculture development area etc. Both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Therefore, the two sides officially become a strategic partner.


The cooperation relying on the advantages of both sides will promote China's greenhouse projects in multi-level and multi-faceted. Promote a healthy development for both company and improve KINGPENG’s internationalization and thus to achieve the vision of "Being a competitive facility agricultural service enterprise"

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