Kingpeng Greenhouse In The “One Belt And One Road”

- May 05, 2017-


                                                             Kingpeng in One Belt and One Road

400 years ago, the "exotic" potato came to Chinese from Europe, after that Chinese people cultivate high yield and drought resistance varieties in Northwest China; and in 2012, a modified version of "potato from Gansu, across half of Asia, arrived in thousands of miles away in Turkey, and “roots settled” in this land.

Seeds need to find the exact temperature, light, and also to ensure that the potato seedlings in the most comfortable humidity to provide an environment - greenhouse.

The Middle East is one of the most important market for Kingpeng, and many countries like Qatar、Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran have built the plant factory greenhouse guided by Kingpeng, which make fresh and leafy vegetables in harsh natural conditions like drought, high temperature and other extreme conditions become easy.

In the help of Mr.Zhang,modern greenhouses built on by one in the desert and, as artificial oasis, cause local people‘s amazing.

Mr.Zhang and Turkey workers in Greenhouse

Now Kingpeng has been built greenhouses in more than 40 countries all over the world, which including 26 countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, in which most are located in areas that have great needs for modern agriculture technology.

With the development of “One Belt and One Road”, and the agriculture with long history along the district will be again show its power and strength. Kingpeng hope more and more farmers who without any growing knowledge could grow agricultural products after receiving our guide.

Kingpeng prefers to name farmers as workers, because they have systematic training. Mr.Li, the Horticulturist who guides planting overseas said, the factory model represents the trend of future agriculture and can improve the working efficiency.

Mr.Li, Horticulturist from Kingpeng is introducing hydroponic vegetable 

The" One Belt and One Road" offers Chinese agricultural enterprises tremendous opportunities. "Whether it is policy or domestic industry environment, we can feel 

good in constant change," Liang Qi said, Vice General Manager. And many domestic agricultural enterprises began to upgrade, try new development model.

Agricultural cooperation is one of the most important issues for construction of the“One Belt and one Road”, and can not only solve the life problem of people's livelihood, but also narrow the distance between the heart and heart of other countries.