Kingpeng Greenhouse Is Approaching France Market

- Oct 30, 2019-

Kingpeng’s first greenhouse is under construction with Kingpeng’s engineer’s supervision in France now. The installation started from Sep, 2019 and it’s estimated to be established in Nov, 2019. Even it’s first greenhouse project imported from Kingpeng China, but everything is going well with Kingpeng’s technical engineer’s support.


This greenhouse locates at the foot of Alps near the border of France / Switzerland in east of France. It covers almost 6000sqm with roof ventilation, thermal curtain and circulation fans. The climate there is very nice for horticulture. The average highest temperature is 26℃ while the average lowest temperature is more or less -1℃. The film cover greenhouse can satisfy the environment requirements to grow organic vegetables inside it for the local residents. The suitable natural climate will bring lower cost for greenhouse operation.


Western Europe market is considered to very difficult for Chinese products to enter especially for greenhouse coz there’re so many greenhouse builders around France. Chinese quality gave most of Europeans bad impression before, but the things seem to be changed in recent years. More and more Chinese products earned the trust gradually now. Kingpeng has been playing an important role to export greenhouse around the world since 2001. High quality and good service is the key reason to get so many customers’ confidence. We hope it’s just start from France and we’d like to supply Kingpeng greenhouse for more partners around Europe.


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