Kingpeng Helping Daisy Flowers In Yunnan Supplied Worldwide

- Nov 13, 2020-

From 2015 Kingpeng has been an important partner of Yannan Kaiyuan Modern Agriculture Park. In this industrial park, Kingpeng successively built 5,000 square meters glass greenhouse for African daisy flower and 6,000 square meters flower greenhouse for intelligent seedling breeding for African daisy and an intelligent glass greenhouse with an area of 2,000 square meters, which is currently under construction. At the same time, a complete support system of flowers, including sorting, packaging, storage refrigerator, purification workshop and security workshop has been completed in this park. As we are long-term partners, we will have more greenhouse facilities and supporting works will be involved in the construction.


         Cleaning Workshops.

The cold storage, packaging and purification workshops are supported by large-span steel structure. The roof and surrounding  are covered by new double colored steel plates


The cold storage equipped with full intelligent control system. “The split and distributed type and constant temperature air supply model guarantee the uniform constant temperature in the cold storage, and provide guarantee for the fresh and storage of flowers”, said the engineer Mr. Ye De min.

in and outside

          Outside and inside view of cold storage

Processing workshop, including flowers sorting area and packing area, and workers will pick and sort the flowers to ready for packaging. In the fresh flowers packaging area, fresh flowers will be packed through the professional packaging equipment and the finished flowers will temporarily stay in the cold storage.


   Processing workshop under construction

Finally, through the professional flower transport vehicles, these flowers will be shipped to the market for sale all over the world.