Kingpeng Hosted The 9th Technical Committee Meeting Of Beijing Plant Factory Engineering Research Successfully

- Nov 27, 2020-

In order to promote the improvement of the technical level of my country's plant factories and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and to accelerate the promotion and application of modern facility horticulture results in my country, on November 28, the Ninth Technical Committee Meeting of the Beijing Plant Factory Engineering Technology Research Center and the Green Production Technology Forum of Facilities Plants Successfully held in Beijing.


The leaders of BAIC Group attended the meeting, and more than 60 people including facility agriculture scholars, technical standard researchers, relevant business leaders and news media were invited to attend the meeting.


The conference was sponsored by Kingpeng and Beijing Plant Factory Engineering Technology 

Research Center, and co-organized by Beijing Agricultural Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Facility Agricultural Equipment Branch. As the theme, to share and exchange the current status of plant factory technology research and development, market demand and future development trends, the technical committee will discuss the serialization and industrialization of plant factory products.


Dr. Zhou Zengchan, director of the Plant Factory Research Center, Zhang Yuefeng, researcher of the Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tong Yuxin, associate researcher of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Feng Yongbing, Ph.D. of Beijing University of Technology, Ding Xiaoming, researcher of the Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mao Hanping, professor of Jiangsu University, Heilongjiang Chen Lixin, a researcher at the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhang Jingkai, a researcher at the Beijing Agricultural Machinery Test Appraisal and Extension Station delivered keynote speeches.

The purpose of this conference is to promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, open up the channel between technology and industry, rely on technological innovation to create a new engine for economic development, and promote the continuous improvement of agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Jingpeng Technology has always been in line with the international advanced technology, with the goal of realizing the factoryization, safety, standardization and professional production of plant factories, and helping to promote the intelligent development of facility agriculture.