KINGPENG Team In Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2019

- Oct 22, 2019-

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KINGPENG Team in Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2019

Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2019 have start in RICED of Riyadh this week. In this annual agriculture pageant, KINGPENG send out our best team to help with your local greenhouse projects. KINGPENG supply more than 10ha high automation level greenhouses to GCC area, beyond doubt, Saudi Arabia is one of the most impotant market for KINGPENG. Not only on supply greenhouses, KINGPENG is keen on share greenhouse technologies, cultivation skills, greenhouse management knowledge with our partners and clients. To get better yield with great quality is the main goal, both for KINGPENG and growers.

If you do have questions about greenhouse, cultivation or any related problems, please do not hesitate to visit our booth during the exhibition. 2 more days to go!