Horticulture Trusteeship Brings more Benefit for Your Greenhouse

- May 25, 2018-

During the winter-summer season, Kingpeng's horticulture experts serviced a glass greenhouse to grow cherry tomato. These days, this greenhouse got  fruitful harvest!

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This greenhouse is the first semi-closed greenhouse which built in China, it is designed and built by Kingpeng in year 2015, with size 3400m2. The cherry tomato is one of them. As the limited of planting skills and greenhouse operation skills,  the greenhouse owner asked KINGPENG to operate and training their stuffs. After 6months training,  the stuffs are knewn well about the greenhouse operation as well as the planting techique.

Combined with Kingpeng's supervision and the stuffs' hard work, this semi-closed greenhouse use efficiency is effectively improved. An appropriate operation result in great harvest!


Kingpeng believe through our effort, we can not only provide the best quality greenhouse to our customer, but also best guidance and experience in planting management.

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