Kingpeng Organize Staff Training – About Facility Horticulture Development

- Nov 02, 2016-

 Kingpeng Having Regular Training to our Teams

On Octo 28, Kingpeng invited our technical and horticultural engineers to teach in office meeting room about the knowledge of the world's horticultural greenhouse development.Kingpeng always focus on building  brand and staff skills development and customer service quality,and we have regular training to our teams.

The contents mainly focus on the history, distribution status, early greenhouse development and future trends of the world facilities greenhouse and introduce the greenhouse development in the world's major countries such as the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Spain and other countries.

After the training, the lecturer and staff have interacted by asking questions and the lecturer giving on-site answers.

The training is beneficial to raise the level of staff for greenhouse knowledge and service awareness, and promote international development of our company in the future.