China Kingpeng Participate In “the Belt And Road Initiative”- China-Romania Joint Research On Construction Of Agricultural Science And Technology Demonstration Park

- Sep 21, 2018-

January, 2018, the China-Romania Joint Research on Construction of Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park project, led by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and charged by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been officially launched. This project aims to promote the development of horticulture industry in countries along the Belt and Road. Taking Romania as the support nation to build China-Romania agricultural technology demonstration park, display high-efficiency and energy-saving horticulture technology. China and Romania cooperate in research, culture exchange and talents training, achieve batches of breakthrough, significantly improve the innovation and industrialization level of horticulture in China and Romania, contribute to make a good technology and equipment output environment in countries along the Belt and Road.


In view of the current situation of agricultural science and technology development in Romania and central and eastern Europe and the urgent requirement for high-efficient and energy-saving facilities horticulture technology, the cooperation includes research and development of high-efficiency and energy-saving construction and environment control technology, research and development of equipment for precise control of water, fertilizer pesticide coupling, research and development of industrialized production technology for vegetables and fruits, construction of China-Romania Joint Research on Construction of Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, and etc. China Kingpeng, as horticulture intelligent equipment scientific cooperation basement, leading enterprise of Beijing agricultural industrialization and supporting institution of Beijing plant factory engineering center, is in charge of research and development of horticulture equipment and technology such as light-weight and energy-saving greenhouse and equipment, Intelligent LED plant factory and etc.


Romania institution who is charge of this project is University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. 16th September, Mr. Florin Stanica, who is the leader in Romania side and also the vice-president, take a visit at Kingpeng Tongzhou R&D center with his team. Now, almost materials are prepared well already, they will be delivered in October. Hope that this project will be completed early, to be the platform for cooperation in research, culture exchange, training and education between China and Romania. 


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