Kingpeng’s F-clean Film Greenhouse In Japan

- Jan 14, 2020-


     Kingpeng has exported its F-clean film greenhouse in Osaka, Japan. F-clean film is much more popular as greenhouse cover in Japan even it’s more expensive than other materials. It’s used for building cover earlier in China such as Beijing Olympic Sports Center. But it’s seldom used for greenhouse because its high cost and high requirements of installation in China. Kingpeng studied F-clean greenhouse for Japanese customers early in 2015. We built the first F-clean greenhouse model in Beijing with the support from AGC Inc from Japan.


F-clean film’s light transmittance can reach 94% with single layer. In double layer application, it can reach 88% which is similar with single layer normal glass. 1% Rule= 1% more light to crop will increase productivity by 1% . Especially for tomato, bell peppers, cucumber ,lettuce and cut roses, The production can increase 0.7%-1% with 1% more light and the greenhouse life time can reach over 20 years at the same time. The tensile strength of the film can still keep 85% after 20 years’ usage. This’s the big differences between the film greenhouse and other ones. So it’s so popular in Japan as there are many earthquakes every year.


F-clean film greenhouse requires special aluminum profile to fix because it’s easy to be destroyed by sharply attack. Kingpeng has found the best solutions after a long time study. F-clean film greenhouse has become Kingpeng’s new product for Japan and other countries right now.

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