Kingpeng's New Award Put Into Plant Factory Project

- Jul 31, 2020-

                                                New Technology Apply in Container Plant Factory

Recently,the modern agricultural public training base of Guizhou Agricultural Vocational College designed and constructed by KINGPENG has been fully completed and formally put into teaching and scientific research and operation.

The project is a full-artificial light-type plant factory. There is a production workshop such as a closed nursery room and artificial light cultivation room with single-planting capacity of 7500. The plant factory also set up a package storage room, control room, liquid chambers and other auxiliary function areas to ensure the normal production.


It is worth mentioning that this project integrates the technology and environment that Kingpeng won the prize "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Energy Efficiency Improvement and Nutritional Quality Control of Intelligent Plant" (won second prize of Beijing Science and Technology in 2016) and nutrient solution deployment can be fully automated. In addition, the project, for the first time, uses split cultivation troughs for fixed cultivation facilities and increases cultivation density and maintenance convenience of cultivation facilities.


Kingpeng, as the leader of China's facility agriculture industry, has won more than 80 national patents and technological achievements and completed more than 50 scientific research projects and scientific and technological development projects. It will also continue to innovate in the field of plant technology to pursue more advanced technology development.

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