Kingpeng’s New Start In The New Year

- Jan 13, 2020-

Kingpeng’s New Start In The New Year


Kingpeng just started its new high-level flower greenhouse project in Yangtze River Delta of  China while everybody is celebrating the new year 2020 globally. The first phase project adopts Venlo-Aluminum with single layer diffused glass on roof and double layer glass for sides. The total area of the first phase is around 1 hectare. The technical team in Kingpeng took almost one year to study and found the best solution on the basis of local weather and flower growing requirements. The diffused glass on roof guarantees enough sunlight for the flower crops and it won’t burn the leaves with average and soft lighting during daytime. The double layer glass on sides can save the heating cost coz the lowest average temperature can reach -3 during winter time. 


This is a new huge horticulture park which is setup by local state government. China government is focusing on the foreign investment in recent years and providing more preferential policies for foreign investors. This park is mainly to attract horticulture investors to explore their Chinese market with Chinese local facilities. The first phase of this project will be used to grow Guzmania Atilla and there’ll be more flower crops here in the coming phases.


Kingpeng has been endeavoring to supply turnkey solutions for the customers and it has collected much experiences domestically and globally. This project will bring a good start for Kignpeng’s new year in 2020.

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