Kingpeng's Project In Romania Was Published In The People's Daily

- Jun 14, 2019-

The People's Daily, the largest and most famous medium, published an article based on the local people in Rominia. The article introduce the first China-Romania Agricultural Science and Technology Park established by Beijing Kingpeng. Accoring to local experts, Chinese agricultural technologies benefit us a lot.

Romania project Romania project

Two kinds or greenhouse were built in China-Romania Agricultural Science and Technology Park this time, One kind is tranditional Chinese solar greenhouse, which is very simple, but more suitable for Rominia then glass greenhouse in climate condition and economic condition. This greenhouse adopted high tech heating system and water and fertilizer integration system, can get a yield of tomato more than 8000kg per year.

The other kind is LED plant factory, which is the result of many years' study and research of Kingpeng's team. As LED plant factory can overcome the influence of outside climte,  it's becoming more and more famous all over the world, expecially for places have limited land or have unsuitable climate for vegetables. Accoring to Solina Petra, who is in charge of flower research in the Park, though the plant factory only has a area of 50 sqms, it can provide 150 sqm growing area space. Adopting LED lights and NFT growing methors, 4000kg/year lettuces can be harvested from the factory.


Romania is an important country in One Belt one Road, we will see more and more projects in Romania form Kingpeng in the near future.

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