Kingpeng’s Strong R&D Team

- Feb 26, 2021-

Beijing Kingpeng plays an important role as a professional greenhouse solution supplier engaging in horticulture industry both in domestic and overseas market. Kingpeng has a long history since it’s born from Beijing Agriculture Machinery Institute(BAMI) which has over 60 years history。Beside the history , It has very strong R&D team and support Kingpeng’s improvement. 


Kingpeng’s International Team started the communication and discussion together with R&D team in the first week after Chinese Spring Festival Holiday. Kingpeng mainly does the turnkey project as a professional greenhouse builder .But our team did many studies about the new technology, advanced materials and equipment. Even some of them are not our main business and we won’t produce and sell them but our R&D team still spend much time to do the tests and collect much data. Kingpeng has exported it’s greenhouses to over 60 countries since 2001. It’s clients covers around the world. Each project has different climate condition and growing requirements. We know more what the clients want. So it’s very important for the International team to communicate and discuss more with R&D team.


Kingpeng’s R&D center covers about 18 hectares. The R&D team developed IOT greenhouse, Movable Irrigation Machine , Artificial Lighting Container Plant Factory for leaf vegetables, strawberry and forage grass, And we’re also doing some tests some equipment such as harvest machine, transport cargo, control system and fertilizer system and so on with the aim to give more professional suggestions and solutions for their clients.


Kingpeng is a greenhouse builder but it’s also a horticulture R&D center. We not only supplies the turnkey solution for clients but also contributes newest technology for greenhouse industry.

Friday, February 26, 2021