Kingpeng's Training Of Female Workers On Workplace Etiquette

- Aug 30, 2019-

    On the afternoon of Aug. 29, Kingpeng held a "Charming workplace etiquette" training, which was attended by more than 60 female staff representatives from various brotherly units.


    Professor Cui Jinlin, deputy director of the Institute of Trade Union Theory and Staff Education, Beijing Institute of Trade Union Cadres, was invited by BAIC Group to give lectures. Professor Cui explained the knowledge of women's workplace etiquette in detail from different levels, and invited students to demonstrate waving, smiling, costume matching and other contents, emphasizing the etiquette taboos in the workplace, so that we can understand and master workplace etiquette more directly.


    The purpose of this training is to master the etiquette skills in the workplace for female workers, help to establish a good image in the work, and show the demeanor of Kingpeng female workers.


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