Kingpeng Supervision Engineer Keep Working Offline And Online For Customer.

- Jul 31, 2020-

In the past few month, Kingpeng has many greenhouse projects which are underconstruction at home and abroad. So installation supervision become the most important and vital for the project completion quanlity.


However, the COVID-19 is still spreading and bring a lot of trouble and obstacle for the supervision work of Kingpeng. Now Kingpeng supervision engineer has get the way to make sure all projects could go on fluently.


Greenhouse Installation

They work offline and online at the same time. For instance, Mr. Frank who is the manager of the Engineer Department of Kingpeng, supervise two greenhouse projects: one is the project in Nanjing, China, another one is in Qatar. He makes full use of time difference between China and Qatar and provide offline supervision for Nanjing project and online supervision for Qatar project.


Now both projects is going on very well and will finish soon in several months.



Kingpeng is the top greenhouse supplier in China and we provide one-stop service from Design, Manufacturer, Construction to Horticulture Service.

Kingpeng has exported our greenhouse to more than 50 countries all over the world and will keep providing high-quanlity products for all customers.

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