Kingpeng Team Never Stop The Step

- Oct 09, 2020-

During the Chinese National Day holiday, Kingpeng’s staffs are still fighting in the front line. At a university in southwest China, the scientific research greenhouse project built by Kingpeng was being installed.

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The area of this project is more than 8000 square meters. This greenhouse is adjacent to the Southwest Plant Research Center of scientific research colleges. After the completion of this project, the greenhouse will be used to study the living habits of plants in southwest China, and provide relevant data for the next scientific research.

During the holiday, Mr. Wei, the user of this greenhouse, Mr. Cao, the manager of the domestic marketing department of Kingpeng, Mr. Zhi, the manager of the domestic engineering department of Kingpeng, Mr. Chen, the supervision of this project, and Mr.Wang, the technical guidance of on-site installation went to the construction site to guide and inspect the project.

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The user inspected the problems found in the greenhouse foundation construction, the project installation schedule, and the greenhouse installation materials on site. The two sides also discussed the installation technology of the scientific research greenhouse, and made a unified deployment of our next construction schedule and material supply.

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Salute to the Kingpeng staff who is working in the front line!

From today, the 9th October, Kingpeng team come back to work. please contact us if you need us!

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