Kingpeng Triumphant Returned From Oman Exhibition

- May 18, 2018-

    Kingpeng had a great harvest after coming back from the Second International Exhibition for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Halal Products. It not only gained our experience on Oman projects, let us learned better on local market situation, but enhanced our friendship between Oman friends.

    Oman's society belongs to the traditional agricultural society. About 40% of Oman's residents are engaged in farming, fishing and animal husbandry, and most of them are self-sufficient. The main products are barley, date and so on. Except for the northeast mountain area, it belongs to the tropical desert climate. The whole year is divided into two seasons. It is the hot season from May to October. The temperature is above 40 C and the temperature is about 24 C from November to April. Annual average precipitation is 130 millimeters.



    Kingpeng Had a successful result coming back from Oman Exhibition. in order to cope with price fluctuations caused by external factors, Oman government was committed to streamlining the procurement and supply of food and has also approved 61.83 million Riyals (about $158.94 million) for the development of agriculture and livestock. Kingpeng will seize this opportunity to expand Oman market. Deepen the cooperation with local farmers and customers. There will be more greenhouses in Oman built by Kingpeng in the near future.


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