KINGPENG Won The Second Prize Of National Science And Technology Progress Award 2017

- Jan 16, 2018-

On January 8, 2018, the National Science and Technology Awards 2017 was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People. The project of "The Key Technologies and System Integration of High-efficiency and Low-energy LED Consumption Plant Factory" participated in the declaration by Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and wonthe second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.



The project aims to solve the key technical problems such as low light efficiency of light source, high system energy consumption, control of vegetable quality and coordination of multi-factors, which are urgently needed to be solved in the industrialization of plant factories. After 12 years of systematic research, the project first proposed the concept of plant light formulation, Out of light-based LED energy-saving light source and control technology and equipment, significantly improved light efficiency.

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The technical achievements proved that PAR monochromatic light, UV and FR on the formation of plant yield and quality mechanism proposed plant plants main plant light formulation optimization parameters, create a red and blue chip combination and phosphor excitation two categories of LED light source, Developed a mobile and focused LED light source and its control technology and equipment to achieve 50.9% energy saving. In addition, we also developed a multi-factor synergistic regulation and control technology that improves the light efficiency, energy efficiency and nutritional quality. We have created and integrated 3 series of intelligent LED plant factories and set up the industrial system of high light efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality and intelligent plant factories , To achieve large-scale applications, a strong impetus to plant science and technology plant and industrialization process.

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