Main Unit

- Jul 31, 2020-

A indoor greenhouse cultivation device, including planted slot, and water system, and temperature control system, and auxiliary lighting system and the humidity control system; planted slot set Yu window end of or made across screen-like, for planted plant; water system automatically timely amount supply water; temperature control system including fan, and hot fan, and temperature induction device and the thermostat system control box, to timely regulation temperature; auxiliary lighting system contains plant lamp and the reflection mirror, loaded Yu planted slot around, Yu no daylight Shi provides lighting, makes plant for photosynthesis, And the light refraction and presents a beautiful landscape, fans and humidity and climate control systems to reduce indoor temperatures.

Greenhouse is lighting override material as all or part of the building envelope materials, in winter or other suitable for outdoor growing season for plants cultivated plant construction.

Greenhouse features are classified according to the end use of the greenhouse features, can be divided into productive greenhouses, test (education) greenhouse and allowing public access to commercial greenhouses. Vegetable cultivation in the greenhouse, floriculture greenhouse, the cultivation of greenhouse are productive greenhouses; phytotron, greenhouse laboratories belonging to the test (education) greenhouse; a variety of ornamental greenhouses and retail greenhouse, commodity wholesale greenhouse, commercial greenhouse.