Measures To Guarantee Installation During Covid-19

- Sep 10, 2020-

Kingpeng greenhouses have been exported to over 50 countries since 2001. We not only supply design and materials but also do the supervision for greenhouse installation. Normally, the engineer should arrive the greenhouse site when the foundation is ready and help the customer in organizing, management and technic supervision on site. The Covid-19 broke this way, because engineers couldn’t go abroad since the begging of this year.


Kinpgeng’s team never stops our steps to help the customers establishing the greenhouse within the plan. Kingpeng’s technicians make more detail installation drawings which show the connecting details for customers. 3D drawing is also used to show some special connecting points. 


The drawings will do big favor for the installation worker who knows something about the structure. Engineers’s team also collected pictures and shoot videos for different parts and systems. It’s easier for the normal labors to learn step by step. Most of systems inside the greenhouse have similar operation ways in fact such as foundation, shading, fogging, ventilation. Our engineers still keep online to supply remote supervision by different kinds of App. The problems can be solved in time through the communication between engineer and installation team on site.


The Covid-19 brought uncertainty and changes for working ways. Most of people thought overseas projects will be paused during the Covid-19. But all the projects are going well in fact by the strong team’s hard working. Kingpeng has been playing the reliable role around the world for horticulture industry.

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