Mechanical Operation Of Cooling System

- Nov 01, 2017-

The engine thermostat must be properly operated to ensure that the engine runs within the optimum temperature range. Overheating or supercooled will shorten the engine life, thermostat control coolant temperature, when the coolant temperature is lower than the operating temperature, the thermostat closed, at this time, the coolant from the side passage into the pump inlet;Cooling System

When the coolant temperature is below the operating temperature, The thermostat closes, at this time, the coolant from the side passage into the pump inlet; When the cooling temperature rises to a certain degree, the two thermostat is opened simultaneously, and the coolant flowing to the bypass tube is also constrained. When the engine is operating at a temperature, the thermostat is opened and the bypass valve is closed.Cooling System

No thermostat engine is allowed to operate. At this time the coolant channel resistance is small, the coolant is unrestricted through the side channel directly to the pump inlet, which will cause the engine overheating. In the process of thinking, the gas combustion temperature in the cylinder can be as high as 1800~2000℃, some directly contact with high-temperature gas parts, such as cylinder body, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston, valve, etc., not exhausted by high-temperature gas impact, working temperature is very high, such as not real-time cooling, It may damage the normal clearance of the parts due to the expansion of heat, or the failure of the lubricating oil to cause the parts to die, abrasions, damage and other consequences.Cooling System

The mechanical strength of various parts may be reduced due to high temperature, even causing the deformation and damage of the components, so that the diesel engine can not be reliable operation. In addition, because of the high temperature, the pressure in the cylinder is also high, so the fresh air into less, the effect, because the lack of oxygen diesel fuel can not completely burn, so that the diesel engine power is insufficient.Cooling System

So that the idea of constantly running to enrich the engine, and then to the thermostat open, and then the idea of flameout, put the hand in the radiator center, and then from the radiator to move into the water chamber, to perceive whether the cold point exists. Check all the soft pipes the same way. The temperature on the radiator and the soft water pipe should be evenly distributed.Cooling System