The Booming Of Medical Herb Greenhouse In North America

- Jun 22, 2018-

According to the recent news from Canada, from 1st September, medical herb will be brought to legal, which will build a legal framework for medical herb legalization. The growers of medical plants are all euphoric about this good news. Also in USA, medical herb is legal in some states for medical function, and legal in some states also for other functions.


More and more countries and states announced the legalization of medical herb, how to grow them in higher yield and quality plants becomes the focus of growers. As a kind of modern technique that can control the microenvironment inside which makes high yield and good quality of plants, medical herb greenhouse attracts more and more attention from perfessional growers.


As the increasing demand greenhouses for medical herb, Kingpeng has also exported greenhouse projects to USA and Canada for growing medical herb in first step.  Because the medical herb growing is not a speciality of KINGPENG group, we start from the very begining to follow our client's requiry and try to produce  the most suitable design for this kind of plant. After few years develop and practice, Kingpeng have made an complete solution for this specificate plant. What's more, we researched new kind of greenhouse which is low investment, energy friendly and good for business starters.

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