Mini Research Greenhouse With Meaningful Function In Bangladesh

- Oct 09, 2019-

Most of people pay much attention on production yield from the greenhouse such as tomato, cucumber or flowers. But Some greenhouses are just used for scientific research. It’s more meaningful than production greenhouse. Kingpeng has done many research greenhouses around the world. Glass research greenhouse project for rice’s gene optimization in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was established in 2004. Glass research greenhouse projects for grass breeding and apple’s gene optimization were established in 2009 in DPRK. We also did PC sheet research greenhouse which was used for desert agriculture development for university in Saudi Arab.



Normally research greenhouse has small area but with fully equipments coz it has very high requirements for the environment exact control including the temperature, humidity, lighting. It also needs to control the particle’s escape from the greenhouse while controlling dangerous articles entering into the room from outside sometimes.


Kingpeng will establish one PC sheet research greenhouse in Bangladesh this month. This greenhouse is mainly used to do the research for tobacco plants. It’s very important part for Bangladesh’s national economy. So the government would like to invest much money to breed and optimize new variety. This greenhouse just covers 192m2, but it adopts many systems such as ventilation system, moveable bench system, irrigation and climate control system and so on . Even it’s very small, but it can adjust environment data inside the greenhouse and supply the targeted condition for the researchers. It may bring much higher fruits and meaningful scientific results.


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