Mobile Greenhouse Sprinklers: Fully Automated Type More Widely Adopted

- Aug 25, 2020-

Modern agriculture requires mechanisation, larger scales, automation and intelligence. Facility agriculture has a leading role in the development and application of technology and equipment. Water saving irrigation is a key technology, and one of the most important technologies for the Chinese country. The sprinkler is used to irrigate plants regularly, while requiring the least amount of water to irrigate larger plants as much as possible. 

The sprinkler irrigation is mainly used in nurseries, for flowers and some other special plants. As the amount of nurseries and flower growers increases, so does the demand for sprinkler irrigation. 

irrigation machine

At the moment, there are two types of mobile sprinklers. One can automatically perform irrigation in the span it is in, but transferring it to another span requires manual assistance. This is the semi-automatic version. The other type can automatically transfer between spans. This is the fully automatic version. 


The semi-automatic sprinkler is mainly used for single-span installations, because the water pipes have to be disassembled frequently and have to be reconnected after transferring to another span. This means more labour is needed. And, because the distance between nozzles and plants is relatively fixed, once the crop is changed, the irrigation effect will be affected. The fully automated type is more and more widely adopted in modern greenhouses. 

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