Moving Gutter System For Leafy Vegetable Grow

- Apr 14, 2020-


Hydroponic method has been widely used in leaf vegetable production. NFT system or DFT system is the most popular type. It is not only kept a considerable yield, but also provides out-standing quality.

For leaf vegetable production, there are several cultivation equipment to make your greenhouse in a heathy circle of year-round production. So a high automation gutter system become more and more popular in growers. A well-designed automatic gutter system can maximize the growing area with less labor.


Nowadays, KINGPENG is cooperating with professional company, the Dan-Dutch, working on moving gutter system solution for our clients. This moving gutter system allowed an easy operation inside greenhouse. Whole production line will be including sowing, propagation, harvest, gutter washing steps, to make the production in an efficient circle.

If you also interested in such production system, please feel free to contact us!

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