Mr.Zhang Dong, Chairman Of KINGPENG International Visited Project In UAE

- Nov 01, 2019-

On 28th Oct, 2019, a day with temperature around 38℃, Mr. Zhang Dong, the China Communist Party Branch Secretary, and Chairman of KINGPENG International, came to the hydroponic greenhouse construction site located in UAE to meet with the project manager Mr. Wang Yi.


With the guide of Wang, Mr. Zhang visited the greenhouse and checked the greenhouse materials storage. During the visit, Mr. Zhang also gave some suggestions and advices on the project management and storage ways, according to his long-term experience since he joined KINGPENG in 2002.


Mr. Zhang also visited and checked the accommodation of the Project manager and workers, and made arrangements and coordination to improve the conditions of them.


The UAE hydroponics greenhouse project is one of the important projects related to One Belt and Road, and also a demonstration project of China-Arabic Cooperation, which would also enhance the relationship between China and Arabic Countries. It is a 5529m2 Hi-tech PC greenhouse, combined both Chinese and Holland technology for greenhouse and hydroponics, adopting high-tech leaf vegetable and fruit vegetable cultivation facilities, such as hanging gutter system, Dutch bucket for tomato, and EBB&Flow system for nursery, etc. 


With the establishment of this project, it will become the most advanced show-case in this region, as well as a bridge of technical communication and cooperation between China and Arabic countries.

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