Nanjing Breeding Greenhouse Boost The National Seed Bank Development

- Apr 06, 2021-

The greenhouse project which is design and constructed by China Kingpeng Greenhouse in Agricultural Innovation Park of Nanjing City has come into use recently. The Chinese cabbages in these 10 specially designed tunnel greenhouses are growing fastly.

film greenhouse

This project is a collaboration between Nanjing Agricultural Innovation Park and Yangzhou Academy of Agricultural Science. The latter is the user of this project and this project serves as the experimental base of Yangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

At present, the weather is good at Nanjing Base in Jiangsu Province, and the selection and cultivation of the second generation of Chinese cabbage in the greenhouse are proceeding orderly.


According to the information from Dr. Shen of the Yangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the seeds inside the greenhouse are all from National Seed Bank and now hybridization, breeding and screening are carried out inside the greenhouse.

In the near future, the high-quality and high-yield field seeds Chinese cabbage seeds cultivated here will be provided for vegetable farmers in southern China. At the same time, it will provide the corresponding experimental data for the next seed research.


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