New Grape Greenhouses In National Wetland Park In China

- Aug 18, 2020-


Nowadays, there are 898 National wetland parks all over China. The wetland parks or wetland nature reserves were built for protection of rare species like birds, trees, fish, plant varieties etc. The built of wetland parks is a very important part of China National Wetland Conservation Action Plan. Without doubt, these wetland parks made markable playing an irreplaceable role on “local varieties” protection.

For example, Huailai National Wetland Park in Heibei Province, scientists have studied hundreds of local grape varieties and collected several kinds which are going to next step: breeding and marketing.


For a suitable breeding environment, a group of greenhouses were built up in Huailai National Wetland Park. The project manager Li Jiang from Beijing Kingpeng International Agriculture Corporation, the EPC contractor, introduced this project: “The greenhouses cover an area of 11.4 Ha to grow different varieties of grapes. The function includes grapes production, demonstration, cultivation research and growing entertainment study.”


The total investment budget is 3,860million USD for both outdoor and greenhouse facilities. “It adopts glass greenhouse and traditional Chinese Energy-saving greenhouse to grow late-mature varieties, and high tunnel greenhouses to grow about 20 early-mature varieties. With this arrangement, we can almost meat the requirement of whole year harvest and supply”. Mr. Li Jiang said.


After almost 4 months of construction, Beijing Kingpeng International Agriculture Corporation, as the EPC contractor, has finished construction of all steel structures. “Hopefully we will finish the work before end of September to meet and guarantee the seedling time.” Frank Zhang, the site construction manager promised.


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