One Hi-Tech Glass Greenhouse In South Korea Is Under Construction

- Jun 08, 2018-

After 10 months’ communication, design and production, Kingpeng’s new Hi-Tech Glass greenhouse in South Korea will finish installation soon.



Started from the middle of 2017, this project will be completed in two months. The customer were satisfactory after they came to Beijing Kingpeng’s headquarter and greenhouse base in July of 2017. 

As the largest greenhouse company from China, Kingpeng  has the longest history and most professional technician team, so it can provide the most suitable customized design for the customer. This greenhouse adopts single layer tempered glass for the roof and double layer glass covering the walls, and like most of the Hi-Tech greenhouses in the world, this greenhouse adopts automatic control system and fertilization system for the automation of the greenhouse.



The greenhouse includes three cultivation zones and one corridor, with NFT and DFT technique as well as nursery and production of tomato. The function of the greenhouse will be for showing, testing as well as for production. 

Now the foundation work is finished, and all the materials have arrived at the site. Hopefully, this customized greenhouse will be completed this August. Let’s look forward to the good news from the owner of the greenhouse.


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