A New Kingpeng Hydroponic Greenhouse Is Going Up In Turkmenistan

- Sep 03, 2019-

A New Kingpeng Hydroponic Greenhouse is Going Up in Turkmenistan.

As August draws to a close, the climate of Turkmenistan becomes more moderate and people will feel better and comfortable after one or two months. For farmers who live there, it is time to prepare their farming plan in the coming planting season, because they know they only have a very short window phase for the outdoor farming.

This is the reality for thousands of years in Turkmenistan and it has become the first obstacle for feeding more population by local production food, until modern greenhouse appears.

Yes, who can refuse a year-round harvest and fresh vegetables and fruits close to your home?

Now Kingpeng has brought hectares of greenhouses to Turkmenistan people in the past few years and they have realized year-round production and harvest, such as tomato, cucumber, pepper, flower etc.


The above photo is one of the Kingpeng Greenhouse under construction in Turkmenistan and it is a high standard hydroponic greenhouse for pepper and eggplant. In the next few weeks, this greenhouse will be completed and then start the production in the growing season. These peppers and eggplant will be sold to local market and export to neighboring countries.

The wholesalers know the pepper and eggplant in greenhouse will have better quality, stable and high yield and even in the non-planting season (June-July-August), the plants in greenhouse can still grow very well and bear fruits continuously which have much higher price than planting season.


A high-quality greenhouse must have good quality and scientific design, professional installation and experienced operation and Kingpeng have all these abilities to help you become a successful greenhouse farmer.

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